Teeth Whitening

If your smile feels faded or dingy, let’s brighten it up!
At Truman Lake Dental in Warsaw, MO, we have several teeth-whitening products to help you achieve that brilliant, bright smile you are looking for. From in-office, professionally applied whitening solutions to custom and convenient at-home whitening products — you’re only a visit away from a solution that will have you smiling more confidently than ever before.
Our whitening products and solutions include:

  • Sm;)e Perfected
  • Iveri
  • Zoom!
  • And more!

A quick consultation with the Truman Lake Dental in Warsaw, MO team can help you determine the whitening solution that fits your desired results and budget.

Click here to begin rebate for Philips Zoom! Whitening

Directions to redeem mail-in rebate for Zoom! Whitening:

1. Schedule your Philips Zoom! appointment at Truman Lake Dental.
2. Visit philips.com/zoom and complete the rebate form.
3. Watch for an email from Philips with a promotional code and link to rebate form.
4. Print and bring the rebate form to your Zoom! appointment at Truman Lake Dental.
5. At your appointment, ask the staff for the barcode sticker from the chair-side, light-activated gel and a dated receipt from the appointment.
6. Mail the rebate form, barcode sticker, and receipt to:

Philips Zoom Rebate
Promotional Code : (INSERT CODE FROM EMAIL)
P.O. Box 540027
El Paso, TX 88584-0027

Make your first step today towards a cost-effective, brilliant smile that lasts.